Learn Auto Locksmith Techniques at Home

Are you fascinated with the idea that how locksmiths can open a locked car or auto door within a few minutes? Interested in learning the trick to open car doors without keys? How does a car locksmith cut and replace a broken or lost car door key? How can one replace a transponder or ignition key? Let us say you want to become "Automotive Locksmith in San Diego" or "Car Locksmith in Imperial Beach"? How do you learn the trade so that you can work as an auto locksmith in Imperial Beach or San Ysidro or just anywhere in California or United States?

Online Training for Car Locksmith

Car locksmith techniques can be learnt using multiple resources available online. You can find plenty of videos on sites such as YouTube.

Just search online for "Open Car Doors without Keys" or "Bump Car Door". You will have a large number of resources explaining various methods that can be used to gain entry to a car without keys.

Practice Car Locksmith Techniques 

Use your own car to practice the basic techniques for bumping car locks without keys. Start with the most basic and easiest of the techniques. Some cars are easy to open when compared with others. So try your hands on such car models.

Once you are familiar with the basic car door bumping, learn how to make keys from blank keys. You can use the basic locksmith tool kit to file a new key for a car. You  might want to try filing an existing car key to start practising.

Duplicating Car Keys

In order to be able to duplicate lost car keys, you must understand the mechanism of various car door locks. How do  modern cars use door locking systems? Can you use a hangar or any hard wire to open the car door lock lever? What makes modern cars better than the old ones when it comes to safety from car bumping? How to open modern and sophisticated car door locks?

Once you have answers to the above questions, you can start exploring the techniques for opening cars with central locking systems. Most modern cars have a remote based keyless door lock system. How do you open such car doors? What can be used as the alternative replacement for a car door lock remote?

Apprentice in Locksmith Shop

Though it is easy to say that you can learn auto locksmith techniques online, it is better to work as an apprentice of any expert auto locksmith. When you accompany a good auto locksmith, you will have better exposure to various real-life scenarios and learn the ways to pick and duplicate keys of various car models and makes.

To start with, try searching for reading materials on auto locksmith. Subscribe to locksmith magazines and get hold of some guide books on locksmithing basics as well as auto locksmith techniques. Walk into your nearest public library and see if you can find any auto locksmith video.


List of US States That Require Locksmith License

Do I need a locksmith license to operate as a locksmith in US? If this question is haunting you, here is a quick information to help you find the US states that require locksmith license. Many US states require a valid license to function as a locksmith or start a locksmith business. Some US states also make it illegal to even possess lock picking or locksmith tools. Make sure that you know the exact status of legal aspects of operating as a locksmith.

If you are in the United States and are contemplating to start operating as a professional locksmith, here is the list of US states that require a valid license to operate as a locksmith.

US states that require locksmith licensing

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana 
  • Maryland 
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
If your state is not mentioned in the list above, you can start operating as a locksmith without any need for a license. However, it is highly recommended that you get yourself enrolled with a locksmith association to make your service more credible among prospective customers. You can also get your business listed with the BBB for additional credibility among your locksmith customers.

Just to make it more simpler, let us say you are located in Imperial Beach and want to start a Locksmith Imperial Beach business. Now, you arre located in California. So, you will require a locksmith license to start operating as a locksmith in Imperial Beach, CA. Again, if you are in San Ysidro - California, you can operate as a San Ysidro Locksmith with a valid license for a locksmith. Operating as a locksmith without a valid license is illegal in California and many other US states.

Get the right information locally as well to ensure that you are on the right side of the law. You can check the information in local libraries as well.

Best of luck for your locksmith business!

Locksmith Books: Reference Books for Locksmith Techniques & Picking Lock

Do you want to learn locksmithing for starting out professionally or just for hobby? Here is a list of books along with Library of Congress Catalog Number (the first number is the catalog number).  The list of book has been compiled by a locksmith group available here and copied verbatim.

Scott French, 1987. Nearly two full hours of on-site techniques to
get in any building, beat any lock, open any safe, enter any car.

Russell III (64pp, 1979). Written by a private detective for auto
repossessors. All the standard methods of entering and starting
locked, keyless automobiles are given.

(110pp, 1990). Alarms covered include: Magnetic Switches, Window
Foil, Sound and Heat Detectors, Photoelectric Devices, Guard Dogs,
Central Station Systems, Closed-Circuit Television, and more.

Rapp (149pp, 1989). This is an investigatory guide and practical
manual designed for the police officer in charge of a burglary
investigation and its follow-up.

#52054 TECHNIQUES OF SAFECRACKING by Wayne B. Yeager (92pp, 1990).
Chapters include: Safe Mechanics and Operations, Guessing the
Combination, Manipulation Techniques, Safe Drilling Methods, Punching
and Peeling, Torches Etc., Explosives, Miscellaneous Methods of Safe
Entry, Safe Deposit Boxes, Deterrence and Prevention, and more.

1990. Topics include: the Rabbit Tool and Hydra force door openers,
the Omni Force jam spreader, the best exothermic lance in the world,
two tools that open almost any auto in America, electronic locksmiths,
rippers and pullers, shove knives and re-lockers, and more "techie"
tools. A complete source guide is included.

#52032 THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO LOCK PICKING by Eddie the Wire (80pp
1981). The very best book ever written on how to pick locks (quite
the claim). Topics covered include: Basic Principle and General
Rules, How To Mount Practice Locks, Warded Locks, Disc Tumbler Locks,
Lever Tumbler Locks, Pin Tumbler Locks, Wafer Tumbler Locks, Lock
Modifications To Thwart Tampering And How To Overcome Them, Various
Other Ways Of Bypassing Locks And Locking Mechanisms.

Eddie the Wire (31pp, 1980; 50pp 1981; 44pp, 1981; 55pp, 1986).
Basically this set describes how to make all the tools mentioned the
above book along with mass production techniques, carrying cases,
using a PC to generate pick profiles, making "soft" break-ins, how to
"case" a subdivision, and more.

#52044 PERSONAL PICKS (VHS TAPE - 72min) by Eddie the Wire, 1988.
Demonstrates the step-by-step process of making lock tools in the home

#52051 EXPERT LOCK PICKING (VHS TAPE - 60min) by Ron Reed, 1990. The
author has won the California Locksmiths Association lock-picking
championship (I guess that's good). Uses specially designed cutaway,
see-through locks, so you can view the inside mechanisms of working
locks as they respond to picking techniques.

#52048 ADVANCED LOCK PICKING by Steven M. Hampton (50pp, 1989).
Describes the inner workings of the new high-security locks and
includes templates for making custom tools. Schematic diagrams for
portable electronic picks to open magnetic key and card locks. Tips
on enhancing finger sensitivity, concentration power, constructing
practice lock boxes, and more.

make a duplicate key when you can keep the original only a short time.

(VHS TAPE - 45min) by Pierre Smith, 1988. How to open and enter
practically any modern automobile and how to start them without the

#52016 HOW TO FIT KEYS BY IMPRESSIONING by Desert Publications (26pp,
1975). Subjects covered include: Fitting bit keys, Fitting flat steel
keys, Fitting lever tumbler keys, Fitting disc tumbler keys, Necessary
tools, Techniques of obtaining impressions, and more. 

Residential Locksmithing: How to Train as Locksmith at Home?

Do you find locksmith as a suitable profession for yourself? Do you intend to learn locksmith and lock picking techniques for house locks & doors? Want to learn how to pick house door locks?

Residential Locksmith Training

If you are interested in learning residential locksmith techniques for choosing it as your profession or just for hobby, it is not very difficult to learn. You can easily train yourself for house locksmith techniques with just an internet connection and basic locksmith tools. There are plenty of online videos and tutorials to start learning locksmithing for home door, garage doors and window doors. Many professional training schools also offer courses as locksmith.

Get Locksmith & Lock-Picking Tools

Picking locks is an essential technique for all locksmiths. It is also an interesting skill that can be useful for all householders. One needs to resort to lock-picking to open a lock without the key in a manner that the lock is not damaged and rekeyed for future use. Picking antique locks is the only option as destructive entry methods will render them worthless.

Where to get a lock pick set? Just go to a nearby locksmith supply house. You can find these stores under "Locksmiths' Equipment & Supplies" in the Yellow Pages. Some states or companies require you  to prove you are a locksmith or show a drivers licence. One can also check for mail order houses to get lock picking set and other locksmith tools.

You can also file or grind lock picks using spring steel such as hacksaw blades, piano wire, clock springs, etc. Grind the steel in a manner that the metal does not soften due to overheating. You might want to read a book on knife making, gunsmithing or machine shop practices  to learn about tempering and heat treating of steel. Check out the "MIT Guide to Picking Locks" and the "Eddie The Wire" to learn about making lock-picking tools.

Things to Learn for Locksmithing

Here is a basic outline of things to learn to get started as a locksmith.
  • Understanding lock hardware and their application
  • Fitting keys by hand
  • Picking and servicing locks
  • Identifying keys
  • Key machine adjustment 
  • Key duplication
  • Cutting keys by code
  • Lock servicing and repair
  • Master keying
  • High-security cylinder locks pin
  • Installation of locks 

Practice at Home & Help Your Friends/Neighbours

Once you have the basic locksmithing tools, you can practice the trade at home. Get hold of old locks or the one that you can spare. Rip open a few locks to understand the mechanism of these locks. Try picking the most basic locks such as privacy locks in your house.

Once you can pick these locks, graduate to more sophisticated locks to hone your skills. Buy as many different locks you can from the nearest hardware store and keep practising lock-picking with as many locks you can.

Word of caution: Do not try to experiment with locks that are too good to be destroyed. Also, make sure that you do not lock yourself out of your house  in the course of practising locksmith techniques. That would be embarrassing, right?

Keep Learning Further

To learn more about locks and locksmithing, you can subscribe to a locksmithing magazine. Keep buying various types of locks, figure out everything about them, experiment installing, removing &  modifying all sorts of locks. 

Buy some key blanks and practice cutting keys. You can also try creating a set of keys with a master key scheme. You might want to buy a re-keying kit and get on-field experience by re-keying for your family and friends. You can also buy a deadbolt installation kit and put in a few deadbolts. Make sure that you charge them for the spare material or consumables. 

Buy a pick set, and use practice locks for picking.

Video: How to Open a Bathroom Door? 

Video: How to Pick a Lock With a Credit Card?

Online Resources for Locksmith Training

Locksmith Training: How to Learn Locksmith Trade

Looking to learn locksmithing and start your own locksmith business? You can easily carve a career as a professional locksmith with some online locksmith training and, of course, some real training with a local locksmith or self training with help of easily available locksmith training tool kits that you can find in local hardware stores or buy online.

Why Be A Locksmith?

A locksmith is a person who you provides assistance when you have a lock and key trouble. It's a career that's recession proof. You will always need a locksmith as long as there are locks. It is a very old profession and will continue to exist.

Starting a locksmith company or shop is easy. You just need a small space in the local market for physical presence of your service. Many locksmiths work from their vehicles, but it is not a recommended option.

A physical locksmith store will help you get more credibility as well as find new customers in the physical world as many people still scout for such services in the local markets. Being an online-only locksmith means you have to be highly versatile and nimble in competing with hundreds of others vying for business online.

Online Locksmith Training Schools

Though you might be looking for an online locksmith training school, it is not easy to find a proper locksmith training academy online. You can find hundreds of good videos on YouTube for various locksmith techniques and tool training. These videos will help you practice the trade with the help of your locksmith tool kit. Some online locksmith training sites do exist, but these are not 100% reliable for an exhaustive locksmith training. Most of them will provide you the starting ground for the lock and key trade.

Local Locksmith Apprentice

For an exhaustive locksmith training, try to find a locksmith school in your locality. If you can join a local locksmith as an apprentice, it should be a good starting point. Just walk into a local locksmith store and seek a position as an apprentice. Offer to work for free as an apprentice. Most of the local store owners would be happy to have a free help and you will get a chance to have real and practical experience of the locksmithing trade. You don't have to pay for locksmith training and the shop owner gets a free assistant. It's a win-win situation for both of you.

Online Locksmith Degree

Okay, an online locksmith school might provide you a certificate after you complete the course. Is it really important and a valid certification? Not unless the issuing academy is recognized by the local locksmith trade bodies or government authorities.

If you do need to join a locksmith school, make sure to check the veracity of its claims. Is the organization adequately authorized to issue a certificate? Does its certificate hold any ground and acceptance in the local market?

Self-Training as Locksmith

If you can get hold of a locksmith tool kit, you can easily learn the trade with some guide books and online videos and tutorials. You will find the same in plenty number. When you choose to go the self-training route to learn the trade, you will have to be disciplined in taking the lessons. Do not procrastinate and do not let failures dishearten you. Keep practicing the techniques until you master the same. Practice is the key to success!

Best of Luck!